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Camp Crystal is NOT a Summer Destination People 8/100

jason (2)

Well, I did Freddy Kruger yesterday, so I had to do Jason Vorhees today.  And it was fun.  It turned out totally rachet, but I had 45 minutes to spend and I am actually thinking I love this one.  It’s messed up, sure, but it’s funny for some reason.

jason (2)

I mean, it’s all wonky and his messed up eyes are just exaggerated and hilarious. just LOOK!!

jason (1)He looks like he’s thinking that classic Danny Glover line from Lethal Weapon.  And hey, he’s been around since 1980, so maybe he is getting to old for this shit.

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Well, that’s enough for me tonight.  My husband just got back from saving a church from a fire (like, going inside and stopping flames from spreading) so I am going to go and appreciate some time with him.

Happy Arting, folks!!





One, Two, He’s Coming for YOU! 7/100 Pen and Ink Drawing


So yesterday’s pen and ink drawing was, to me, not great.  Oh my goodness, is it messed up.  But I have started limiting my time when it comes to finishing these, so I stopped before I felt done.  I should really pick easier goals.

There are things I like and things I don’t.  Live and learn.  I am way happier that I’ve done it than if I hadn’t.  And you can see the smear on top from a contributing kitty :(


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This Hotel Sports Honey Stealing Helicopters, Hackisac Players and Heckling Honey Badgers


This comes in fairly late today but it got done.  I’m screwing up my schedule for a slew of personal reasons and that’s not okay with me!  I’ll get it straightened out.

In the meantime, I’ve got my Free Writing Drawing for you today!


My favorite part?  Well, I like the way the helicopter is drawn but my favorite part is that wacky, messed up human that for whatever reason reminds me of Gary Larson drawings lol.  I think it’s the face.

Well, hoping to post my two pen and ink drawings as well, so look out for another post or two.

It’s a Shark Eat Gorilla, Gargoyle Cook Shark Kinda World – Free Writing


Little to no time today, so I spent about ten minutes again on this drawing.  Oddly enough it gave me a great idea to ponder on with my writing.  If the drawings are super sloppy, the opening of the mind I get from just doing the exercise is sharp and precised.  It always seems to come either when I am writing down the sentence to create the story, or while I am finishing up the drawing.  It’s worth it’s weight in gold just in what I’ve gotten so far.

The alphabet limitation I thinks helps stretch my creative thinking as I have to come up with words within that parameter and create a story from them.  It gets your creative juices flowing, that’s for sure.


“Gargoyle grilling food, great (w/gills) white meat, ginormous gorilla eating”


This is clearly not about precision (you can see the table through the shark fin for crying out loud) or beautiful drawings (that gargoyle is seriously ratchet).  But its fun and allows you to think outside of the box.  If you have trouble thinking like this, or don’t normally but feel stuck, I would suggest trying this exercise for a week.

Until next time,

Happy Arting!!!


Ghosts Are Like Us, Man. There Are Slob Ghosts and There Are ghosts That Clean Up and Febreze – Free Writing


I was in a hurry and at a friend’s house when I drew this, so be kind with judgements, ha!  It’s pretty bad, but I did get an idea for a future painting and project.

So, without further adieu, here is yesterday’s words and picture:

“frightening ghosts, eating snacks, witch’s familiar, in a room with furniture.”  (I added the Febreze in to the image, it was in my words).


This is also proof that bad art does not a bad artist make.  Most people don’t share their sketchbooks but instead sketches, because – for whatever reason – they feel ashamed of their bad drawings.  I’m okay with them.  You’re going to do bad drawings.  I used no reference for this and it shows in the cat.  I don’t draw cats often so I don’t have a body of mental references to work from.  This is obvious.  But the more I draw, the better I will get.  I am not ashamed of my bad work, everyone has less than stellar work at whatever they do/love to do.

Considering I drew this in a poorly lit room in about 5 minutes, I am perfectly okay with that weird, misshapen, cat that looks like he’s sitting next to cookies instead of having his paws out in front of him.

Sharing good and bad art is liberating.  Not horrifying.  No one is perfect and the paintings and drawings people look up to took hours, days, weeks, months, sometimes YEARS to create.  This took a total (with the words) of less than ten minutes.  Now, if I had spend a week on this, I as a reader of this page would be typing Google to replace the URL and find another art blog to look at because… yeah.

Go forth!  Do bad art!  Do good art!  Who cares?  It’s all for YOU!

Happy Arting,


Is the Elephant Eating an Egg? Is that Eel Electrifying the Planet? Yes to Both – Free Writing Exercise.

ellll (2)

The good thing about the Give it 100 project is they tell you not to worry if you miss a day.  Yeah, I wanted 100 days in a row for my Pen & Ink Challenge.  And yes, I’m pissed that I didn’t get my work done, but without details I will specify that yesterday was a very stressful day that had been built up be previous stressful days.  I know I bring it all on myself, so I am not looking for pity, just perhaps a little understanding.  And I did get my free writing drawing in (technically a pen & ink drawing, lol) and my writing as well as other works.  But still…  Failure.  Yuck.

So today is well-organized and planned out – as well as things can be organized in my world by my hand, anyway.  I’ve got quite a bit of writing to get done as well as a ton of other things, so I’ll get right to the Free Writing today.

We’re on the letter ‘E’ today!

“Easy-going elephant eats egg standing on earth surrounded by evil, electric eel.”

ellll (2)

I love the concept of this and might turn it into a genuine piece further down the line.  My mind was coming up with different changes that I could make in order to really make this a powerful message.  Like no tiger stripes on the planet, ha!

I am surprised at how much I am liking my results from some of these.

Until next time:

Happy Arting!!


Dogs Can Get Digging Diplomas and Bob Doesn’t Know Where to Put His Pediatric Center – Free Writing Drawing


Wow.  What a title.  I gotta work on these things!

So today was brought to you by the letter ‘D’ doncha know, kids.  By the way, I don’t think this blog is particularly safe for kids, so go get your parents.

“Dog at work, digging holes, double chasing cars, drink on desk.”

20150501_083105I think I only spent about 15 or 20 minutes total on this, ready to get writing (the day job) but I still had fun.  And Fido looks to be an alcoholic.  Bad dog!

More later, until then –

Happy Arting!


I Have to Axe, Who Died? Heh. Day 6 of 100 Pen and Ink Drawings


Day 5 is a mess.  Stuff got on the paper and I’m still working on it.  It’s just frustrating.  The GOOD thing is that the goal was 100 Pen & Ink drawings, not to finish but to DO.  That’s getting me drawing every day.  However, I do still want to finish it, messy paper or not, so you’ll see it soon!!!

Now, on to yesterday’s work, Day 6:

I am not sure why I chose a bloody axe to draw, but I did.  And it was fun, ha.


I actually really enjoyed filling in the gore.  I think it comes across nicely.  I’m not perfectly happy with the lighting but I had to make it up as my two references didn’t look right to me.


I also feel this particular drawing looks better in person.  I didn’t really seem to be able to capture it’s essence.  Ha, that sounds silly.

Time: 45 mins.

Want this MURDER weapon for yourself?

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Print: $19 framed, $10.95 shipping

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Original: $29 framed, $10.95 shipping.

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Ever Seen a Comando Kitty on a Toilet in the Morning? Free Writing Drawing.


Here’s your chance!  Ha, silly commando kitty.  I might turn this one into a real drawing if just to hang up on my own wall.

“A comando cat on a comode w/ a cig and coffee.  Cactus sitting near him.”


Clearly I threw in the toilet paper mess for fun, heehee.  You probably can’t tell but he’s got a gun on a holster.  Definitely the most fun so far and I do want a bigger, better version on my wall.

Off to work!  Happy Arting!


Oh, Be Still, My Beating Heart! Or, Well… I Guess it’s Dismembered Now – Day 4/100 Pen and Ink Sketches


That’s right, yesterday’s drawing was an anatomically correct (at least I tried!) dismembered heart.  I love so hard my heart popped out!


Actually a friend gave me her lighter and it had anatomical hearts on it, so that was fun inspiration!

I wanted to have this little guy up yesterday but I was having problems with my internet and with the images.  This morning after my free drawing and chores, I went ahead and took some other pictures and got this guy up.


Time: 1 hour 45 mins.

Want this valentine for yourself?

Print: $15 unframed, $4 shipping

Print: $19 framed, $10.95 shipping

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